WEB 3 NFT Collections

Welcome to Ryptolabs Web3 Studio, a web 3 NFT design studio based in the UK that aims to create positive and impactful NFT projects for the web 3 community. We believe that NFTs are not only a form of digital art, but also a way to empower creators, collectors and users with ownership, identity and utility. We want to change the perspective of NFTs from being associated with rugs and scams, to being a catalyst for mass adoption and innovation in the web 3 space. We envision a future where NFTs can be used in real life scenarios, such as gaming, education, social media and more.



That's why we are proud to present our latest project: SOLANA BONKS NFT collection, a unique project that celebrates the Solana ecosystem and its community. It features 2778 randomly generated bonks with different traits and rarities, inspired by the Solana Bonk logo. The collection is free to mint for anyone who loves Solana and wants to own a piece of its history. The first drop will be followed by a second one, reserved for the holders of the first batch, who will have the chance to mint another bonk for free. SOLANA BONKS NFT collection is a fun and creative way to show your support for Solana and join the bonk family.



If you are interested in minting a bonk click the bonk below or go to the Mint page and hit the mint button, connect your wallet and mint for free, please visit our website and follow our social media channels for more updates. We hope you enjoy our project and we look forward to seeing you in the web 3 world.


50% of the collection will be minted at a later date and will be exclusive for the holders of the first drop. This way, the project rewards the early adopters and creates a loyal fan base.